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Children's Health

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How to Help Your Child Build Resilience
Dyslexia: A Common Learning Disability in Children  
Dyslexia: A Common Learning Disability in Children

Some children may be slow to read because of lack of opportunities or language delay. Children with dyslexia have a difficulty reading due to structural differences in the way their brain processes written language and graphic symbols...

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Food Allergy in Children  
Food Allergy in Children

Food allergies are not rare in children below the age of one, with eggs, cow’s milk and peanuts being the most common allergenic foods. Most children with a food allergy will have a mild allergy to one or two foods. Typically, children with egg and cow’s milk allergy will outgrow their food allergy...

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Back Pain and Spine Deformity in Children  
Back Pain and Spine Deformity in Children

Spinal conditions, back pain and the evaluation of true or perceived spinal deformity are the most common reasons for parents to seek help at paediatric orthopaedic clinics. The most common spine deformities are scoliosis (‘curved’ spine...

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  Baby's Health
  Don't ignore your baby's symptoms. A sick baby is stressful to parents. Every parent wants a healthy baby. Get our expert's advice and facts on what to expect when dealing with your baby. 
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  Common Childhood Eye Conditions

Common childhood eye conditions can be corrected when treated early. Left untreated, it may lead to longer and more complicated treatment later. Don't let a common eye condition affect your child's growth. 
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  Sleep-related Problems in Children
  About 20% of children in Singapore suffer from bronchial asthma. 20% of normal children also snore occasionally and 7 to 10% habitual snoring. Is your child suffering from snoring or sleep-related problems? 
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  Singapore General Hospital
Tel: (65) 6222 3322
  KK Women's and Children's Hospital
Tel:(65) 6225 5554
  National Cancer Centre Singapore
Tel: (65) 6436 8000
  National Heart Centre Singapore
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  Singapore National Eye Centre
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  National Dental Centre Singapore
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National Neuroscience Institute
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