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Children's Health

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ADHD: Causes, Risk Factors and Treatment
Pneumococcal Vaccination: a Jab in Time  
Pneumococcal Vaccination: a Jab in Time

When someone sneezes or coughs, a parent is wary of the child catching the flu and instinctively moves the child away. One such illness that can be contracted through direct contact or droplets from a sneeze or cough is the pneumococcal disease (pronounced “NEW – MO – KOK – CAL”)...

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Music Therapy Helps Patients Heal and Learn New Skills  
Music Therapy Helps Patients Heal and Learn New Skills

As the piano tinkled out a sprightly tune, eight-year-old twins Niyu Yumin and Yukai – each holding a pair of castanets – listened intently and took turns to chime in with their percussion instruments during breaks in the melody. “I like to sing Ode to Joy!” said Yumin...

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Snoring in Children  
Snoring in Children

Snoring may be a symptom of a spectrum of problems, including sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea – a potentially serious disorder associated with snoring, in which breathing is interrupted during sleep. Studies have shown that approximately 24% of the local population are loud habitual snorers...

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  Secondhand/Thirdhand Smoke and Children
  If you’re a smoker and a parent, smoking doesn’t just harm you, it also harms your children...
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  Paediatric Dentistry
  Paediatric Dentists are dental child specialists who provide a comprehensive range of dental services...
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  Children’s Eye Conditions
  Healthy eyes are critical to a child’s growth and development. However, due to genetic and environmental factors...
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  Chronic Lung Disease (Child)  
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  Singapore General Hospital
Tel: (65) 6222 3322
  KK Women's and Children's Hospital
Tel:(65) 6225 5554
  National Cancer Centre Singapore
Tel: (65) 6436 8000
  National Heart Centre Singapore
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  Singapore National Eye Centre
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  National Neuroscience Institute
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