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    Colorectal Problems, Screening, Risks & Symptoms
If you have any questions on colorectal cancer, please post your question online.
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Ask the Specialists
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Nurses' Day Tribute 2012
  Thank you for all the postings30154507Special Thanks to All Nurses30/05/2013 04:09 PM
Nurses' Day Tribute 2013

Thank a SingHealth nurse this Nurses’ Day!

Visited any SingHealth institutions and touched by your experience and interaction with our nurses? This Nurses’ Day, thank the SingHealth nurses who have made a difference in your life!

At SingHealth, we attend to over 4 million patient visits a year at our network of hospitals, specialty centres and polyclinics. At the frontline are our SingHealth nurses, highly skilled professionals who have dedicated their lives towards the care and comfort of our patients.  Their strong commitment to delivering quality, innovative care is driven by their determination to  put patients at the heart of all they do.

So show your appreciation to SingHealth nurses today! Leave your messages here and make this Nurses’ Day a truly memorable one for all our deserving nurses.

Wishing all nurses a Happy Nurses’ Day!

  Key in your messages here !591571315I wanna say " Thank you"! You are angels!12/08/2013 11:09 AM
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