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Fitness and Exercise
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Exercise Right
Sport Injuries and Prevention
Weight Management

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  Exercise and Calories
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Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Symptoms, Treatment and Tips to Lower Your Risk
What Causes Sudden Death in Athletes?  
What Causes Sudden Death in Athletes?

Sometimes, the victim is found to have a family history of sudden death. But sudden cardiac arrest can also occur in healthy individuals without any known pre-existing heart issues and with no known family history of sudden death. There are screening tests available for the detection of heart...

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Resistance Training: An Effective Way to Lose Weight?  
Resistance Training: An Effective Way to Lose Weight?
Resistance training helps build up muscle mass. As muscles consume more energy than fat, those who are muscular burn off more calories, even at rest. But does this mean resistance training is an effective way to lose weight?
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Exercise Can Help With High Cholesterol Management  
Exercise Can Help With High Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol is a waxy type of lipid (fat) that occurs naturally in the body. It is produced by the liver and is used by the body to manufacture hormones and bile required to keep us healthy. Cholesterol is also found in foods of animal origin such as meat...

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  Sports Injuries: Risk, Prevention and Treatment
  Do you suffer from pain in your elbow when you play tennis? Or does your knee hurt when you run? Tennis elbow and runner’s knee are...
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  Sports Injuries 2
  MORE Singaporeans are taking part in sport activities during the weekend, with favourite sports such as running, cycling, basketball...
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  Exercise to Lose Weight
  Have you been trying to lose weight with little success? Or do you lose those kilos only to put them all back on again? An effective weight...
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