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Children's Health

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  Childhood Cancer
  Childhood Vaccinations
  Cough and Cold
  Hearing Loss
  Lazy Eye
  Metabolic Screening Test
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Childhood Injuries: Most Falls, Burns Occur at Home
Dealing with Diabetes as a Teenager  
Dealing with Diabetes as a Teenager

When we’re young, most of us feel invincible. We’re ready for anything and everything is possible. We are poised to face the responsibilities of adulthood and the exciting challenges of becoming independent. Being an adolescent is a time of change and rapid developments both physically...

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Supplements and the Well-Being of Young Children  
Supplements and the Well-Being of Young Children

Most parents are concerned about the well-being of their children and wish to promote it in all possible ways. But what are the parameters that define the well-being of a child and is it possible to actively promote a child’s well-being?

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Medication for Children - Do Not Overdose  
Medication for Children - Do Not Overdose

Almost half the parents surveyed by Australian Researchers said they might have given their children the wrong dose of common over the-counter drugs, putting their children’s health, and even lives, at risk. While parents here are more careful when giving such medicines to their children...

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  Secondhand/Thirdhand Smoke and Children
  If you’re a smoker and a parent, smoking doesn’t just harm you, it also harms your children...
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  Paediatric Dentistry
  Paediatric Dentists are dental child specialists who provide a comprehensive range of dental services...
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  Children’s Eye Conditions
  Healthy eyes are critical to a child’s growth and development. However, due to genetic and environmental factors...
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  When to visit Children's Emergency  
  Conditions and Treatments  
  Abdominal Pain (Child)  
  Allergies (Child)  
  Asthma (Child)  
  Bronchiolitis (Child)  
  Childhood Myopia  
  Chronic Lung Disease (Child)  
  Ear Infections (Child)  
  Early Childhood Caries  
  Headache in Children  
  Squint or Strabismus (Child)  
  Urinary Tract Infection (Child)  
  Useful Numbers  
  Singapore General Hospital
Tel: (65) 6222 3322
  KK Women's and Children's Hospital
Tel:(65) 6225 5554
  National Cancer Centre Singapore
Tel: (65) 6436 8000
  National Heart Centre Singapore
Tel: (65) 6436 7800
  Singapore National Eye Centre
Tel: (65) 6227 7255
  National Dental Centre Singapore
Tel: (65) 6324 8910
  National Neuroscience Institute
Tel: (65) 6357 7153
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