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 Jan 31st - Feb 29th 2012 
What’s standing in the way between you and beautiful teeth? Do you have discoloured or crooked teeth? Is an overbite, misalignment or some missing teeth troubling you?
Aesthetic dentistry can do wonders for your smile. Should you consider veneers or professional teeth whitening? Find out what your options are.
If you have any question related to aesthetic dentistry, take this opportunity to ask our expert – today.

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Dr Christina Sim
Dr Christina Sim
Senior Consultant
Restorative Dentistry
National Dental Centre
Posted by sbdccy
Dear Specialists,
This morning I've read from Yahoo news about the Braces.  My son who is 11 years old has approached me since last year that he would like to do braces due to the misaligned teeth.
May I kindly check with you what will be the suitable age for a person to go for braces ?  Also, is there any recommendations for kind of braces for a kid to make for him without discomfort in wearing it ?
Thank you and look forward for your reply.  Greatly appreciate it.
Best Regards
Totoro Quek

repost by adminstrator

Answered by Dr Chew Ming Tak
Senior Consultant
Department of Orthodontics
National Dental Centre of Singapore
Generally, braces treatment can start once all permanent teeth have erupted.  This is usually at the age of 12-14 years. Conventional metal braces is recommended for children as these are still the most durable and effective option in treating badly misaligned teeth.
Posted by allentan8
Hi Dr Sim, I wear a partial top denture but have my own teeth below. My teeth are not only crooked but also misaligned. When I had my last routine visit to the dental clinic at the Polyclinic, I asked the dentist whether I could straighten my lower teeth so that I can have a better bite on my food and improve my smile, she declined to discuss about it. My questions are: Is it because feasible for someone over 65 years old to realign teeth and wear braces? How costly is it, if there is no gov't subsidy? Thank you. ACGT
Answered by

Dr Christina Sim
Senior Consultant
Prosthodontic Unit, Department of Restorative Dentistry
National Dental Centre of Singapore

An orthodontist will need to assess whether your teeth are healthy and suitable to go through the straightening process (orthodontic treatment).  The teeth should still have good gum support and good gum health. 

In general, it takes a longer time to straighten adult teeth as compared to those of children and teenagers.  It is also useful to have your dentist examine your denture to assess whether it is still fitting well; as a loose or ill-fitting denture will compromise your chewing efficiency.  You may wish to explore other tooth replacement options such as a bridge or implants and whether these options are viable for you.
Posted by
How do you correct a gap between your upper 2 front teeth? What procedures would a good dentist advise his/her customer?
Answered by Dr Christina Sim
Senior Consultant
Prosthodontic Unit, Department of Restorative Dentistry
National Dental Centre of Singapore
It depends on the width of the gap.  If the gap is narrow, it may be 'closed' by re-contouring the 2 front teeth with restorative material. 

This will however, make the 2 front teeth look larger. Hence, if the gap is too wide, the restored teeth will look disproportionate in size and shape with regards to the adjacent teeth. Alternatively, the gap may be closed by orthodontic movement, which will bring the 2 front teeth together.
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