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Handgrip Tests May Indicate Mortality Risk of the Elderly
7 Myths Around the Pioneer Generation Package  
7 Myths Around the Pioneer Generation Package

The package only applies to a certain group of Singaporeans – those born on or before 31 Dec 1949 and those who obtained their citizenship on or before 31 Dec 1986. Its purpose is to honour and recognise this generation of people for their contributions to...

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Glaucoma: New Painless Injection May Improve Management  
Glaucoma: New Painless Injection May Improve Management

The injection to the eyeball is delivered under local anaesthetic by a doctor, and takes only a minute. It contains millions of tiny capsules of glaucoma medicine which release their contents slowly over time. This breakthrough procedure was jointly developed by...

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Dental Clearance: Why You May Need It  
Dental Clearance: Why You May Need It

Your mouth can harbour a few hundred types of bacteria. While some are beneficial, others are known to promote tooth decay and gum disease. These harmful types of oral bacteria can also enter the bloodstream and travel to organs distant from the mouth, such as the heart, and cause serious health...

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  Age-related Eye Conditions (Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy)
  Your eyes become more susceptible to disease and damage with age...
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  Ovarian Cancer/Cervical Cancer
  Ovarian cancer and cervical cancer are among the top 10 most common cancers in females in Singapore...
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  Arthritis is a painful disease that requires long-term care. Living with arthritis can throw up a multitude...
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