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Menopause: How to Improve Your Well-Being as Symptoms Worsen
Cord Blood Donation: Save a Life Today  
Cord Blood Donation: Save a Life Today

The call has been heeded. More mothers are donating cord blood to the Singapore Cord Blood Bank (SCBB) but there is still not enough to save everyone who needs it, especially those from minority and mixed races. Demand is high. Every month, local and international patients...

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9 Sleeping Tips to Combat Insomnia  
9 Sleeping Tips to Combat Insomnia

Soothing practices like taking a warm shower or dimming the lights before going to bed can help you wind down. However, steer clear of the TV and other electronic devices as these tend to interfere with sleep. If there is distracting noise, you can try to block it out by using a fan to generate...

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Contraception After Pregnancy: What Are the Options?  
Contraception After Pregnancy: What Are the Options?

Your fertility can return within weeks after giving birth. Although your body may have barely recovered from childbirth, you may get pregnant when you have sex unless you are fully breastfeeding. If you are fully breastfeeding and your periods have not...

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  Ovarian Cancer/Cervical Cancer
  Ovarian cancer and cervical cancer are among the top 10 most common cancers in females in Singapore...
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  Pregnancy and Childbirth
  Are you pregnant or are you trying to have a baby? As a future mother (or father), you no doubt have many questions...
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  Eating Disorders
  Eating disorders are on the rise among young people. More common in females than males, eating disorders are marked...
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  National Heart Centre Singapore
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